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We are not currently able to buy the paper, ink and the necessary parts for our printing press.I am praying that we will be able to reach more people.All church services had to be held in a place designated by the government and the pastor was appointed by the state.

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The goal of the Communists was to weaken Christians financially, to humble them and to show them who was in charge.Nikolay Nikolov, GCI’s representative in Bulgaria, talked to How did you become a Christian? Christians were given the worst jobs and were continually watched by their neighbors and the secret police.Nikolay Nikolov: I was born into a Christian family. Every day they found time to read with us in the Bible. If you didn’t join the political demonstrations and party meetings, you were penalized.They also continue to support some orphanages and other charitable projects in Bulgaria. The last issues were printed and circulated in September 2010.The problem now is not persecution, but a shortage of finances.

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