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(No OOC please.) Time periods settings, these are geared more towards human character types. Can include murder, death, or other such evils one can think of. Creatures may include but limited to Humans, Demons, Witches, Angels, Occult, Ghosts, Vampires etc... This includes but not limited to: Alternate realities, Created worlds, and Alternate histories.You may add such themes as: Slice of life, Dark, Romance, or any other historical human themed stories. Mortals, Mythical creatures, Vampires, Werewolves, Witches, Ect...But there are some other creative ways players can get around this, with rude titles, and clothing with swear words and skimpy clothing.Stranger Friend Requests Whilst the new account restrictions can do a great job of blocking chat and blocking games that have adult content within them, unfortunately your children, even with the strictest settings set up, WILL still get random friend requests from strangers, which they can freely accept.There is no age limit determined in the Roblox Terms Of Service. There is information for parents on the Roblox website Here: In March 2017 Roblox included some extra parental controls or account restrictions.Roblox TOS do mention that younger children under 13 need to have parental supervision, but there is no parental consent required for underage sign up. You can set the account restrictions in all accounts including 13 accounts.Under 13yr old accounts have automatic restrictions set.

Some games contain murder, guns and other horror themes.

What your writing interest are, so anyone who comes across it will know if you are a compatible match. Let everyone know what your looking for and be as specific as possible. Or just wondering if anyone else is interested in the ideas you have? Character connections: Emails, Instant messaging, Text messages, Facebook, Social network, Skype, Voice calls....

Be detailed, and put as much information you want prospective partners to know. Any connections your character has tof another In Character post can go here.

STORE ܀ Skin changes can be found at the bottom of the forum, to revert to the older skins, or the default skin. You will find what The dark hour, will allow and not allow. Things like interests, humor, or random blurps you mind have in your head.

܀ Check out the request board for potential partners and stories. Because we are an 18 and over group you must remember to observe all rules. No drama please, no talk of anything that may be uncared for. You may write a thread all about yourself so long as it pertains to your writing. ONE thread please(SEE PINNED RULE), we ask only the creator manage their post.

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